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The Mighty Yew

There is a Yew-Tree, pride of Lorton Vale,

Which to this day stands single, in the midst

Of its own darkness, as it stood of yore;

Not loth to furnish weapons for the bands

Of Umfraville of Percy ere they marched

To Scotland's heaths: or those that crossed the sea

And drew their sounding bows at Azincour,

Perhaps at earlier Crecy, or Poictiers.

O vast circumference and gloom profound

This solitary tree! a living thing

Produced too slowly to decay;

Of form and aspect too magnificent

To be destroyed. But worthier still of note

Are those fraternal Four of Borrowdale,

Joined in one solemn and capacious grove;

Huge Trunks! and each particular trunk a growth

Of intertwisted fibres serpentine.

Perennially- beneath whose sable roof

Of boughs, as if for festal purpose decked

With unrejoicing berries - ghostly Shapes.

From The Yew by Wordsworth

Photo: Our Trittligasse Yew in Niederdorf Zurich

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