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Herbal delights, great tasting & awesomely Good4You

Herbal tinctures, teas and great massage treatments go hand in hand. Summer is the best when we can offer fresh herbal iced or hot tea from our garden with every treatment! Winter guests enjoy a hot tea from fresh summer dried leaves.

Bergamot (Gold Melissa) Lemon Verbena mix is one of my favorites.

An infusion of leaves and Bergamot plant tops has a lovely pink color, sweet mint lemony flavor and powerful healing properties. Good for digestion, stomach ailments and circulation this infusion can also ease the symptoms of colds, sore throats, fevers, colic, flatulence, and includes a natural diuretic, to calm the nerves and allow for a restful sleep.

Gold Melissa - Bergamot from our garden

Lemon Verbena

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