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House of the Black Linden

Our house was built in 1430 and is called "zur Schwarzen Linde" in english "to the black Linden tree". We have a very special energy being steps away from the Grossmuenster cathedral, one of the most powerful healing houses of Frau Zwingli that today is a sound therapy clinic, and having Ley lines that run through the house from the Cathedral up the Forch. Nestled in the middle of the old town our magical herb garden is now acting as a project for Permaculture in Zurich, starting with research into old original seeds and complimentary herbs and plants. The stump of the grand Linde that once stood is the foundation of our rock garden. Among the Germans and the Slavs, the linden was considered

Loving Pumpkin & Grape Season!

I admit my favorite garden time is early spring when all the buds come out. Very special however is October with its fabulous yellows and oranges and GRAPES! I planted Americano grape vines 11 years ago. Now deep into our garden below, and with a canopy above this year we harvested over 200KG. This best part are the fresh grapes, and juice every day. We savor jams and jellies and Good4Yew grappa all year round. This year over 50 liters! Yummmm!


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