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What do zucchini and personal wellbeing have in common?

Maximum wellbeing, for me means that my garden, my partner and I are healthy and happy.

This was the best zucchini I ever grew, every year since then the snails or something else has tapped the zucchini Chi. I work hard for the return of the super zucchini like the six-pack I remember I once had.

There are parts of my garden that are always happy and fruitful, and those where, regardless of my efforts nothing wants to grow. Nothing seems to help these parts, changing the soil, different nutrients, change of watering, the energy is just not right for what I have planted there so far. Bit by bit I discover the secrets of each square foot, to where now, it is perfect, if only nature would cooperate. Nothing I could do for some of my beloved plants this past winter, for example when the temperatures hit minus 17, except assess the damage and rebuild. Or when the neighborhood cat decided it likes a specific corner instead of his litter box at home. This year it is the invasion of the ants.

Just like my body, there always seems to be something! There are parts that despite my abuse with sports or too much sun or not enough water, just shine. Then there are the weak parts - the ones that always seem to have an issue, and are the first ones to suffer when I am stressed or overexerted, or under active.

So it began with my partners back seven eight ago to the point of him taking daily pain killers and a trip to the surgeon to explore what operation could be done to stop the chronic pain. Somehow our solidarity gave me back aches too, ending with constant throbbing of my piriformis muscle. I decided to heal us both without surgery. So began my learning and eventual certification as a massage therapist. Today I have certifications in Sportmassage, Triggerpoint/Palputation, Health massage, Foot reflex und Shiatsu- Akupressur from the Massage-Fachschule Zürich.

Deep tissue and shiatsu acupressure massage is my speciality including head, neck, and feet.

Teas, tinctures and music accompany me every day as they do each treatment by Good4Yew.

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